Bacalar Fort

Bacalar, or Sian Ka'an Bakhalal as it was known by the Mayans, is a picturesque town on the shores of Laguna Bacalar, just North of the city of Chetumal. With such a strategic location the town has been fiercely fought over for centuries. The fort was originally built by the Mayan population to provide protection from invaders but has been rebuilt a number of times. Now it houses a wonderful bilingual museum which tells the story of the rise and fall of the Mayans, the looting by the pirates and the invasion by the Spanish.

Laguna Bacalar is so diverse it's unbelievable! Best explored by boat, you can tour the cenotes, pirate channel and bird islands. Victor knows each individual story of the four cenotes and all the legends. The pirate channel was built and maintained by the local Mayans and then later used by the pirates to gain access to the lagoon, hence the name. We also have the largest known colony of ancient stromatolites in the world, tiny micro organisms, which were the first creature on the planet to photosynthesise and produce oxygen. And don't forget the Mayan mud baths!

A unique experience not to be missed!

Created by Mahahual Ecotours