Kayaking & Diving

Be transported back in time as you enter the majestic waterways of the lagoons at Rio Huach. Located on the northern border of the Xcalak National Park the area has remained pristine and is bursting with wildlife. Kayaking through the mangrove tunnels the only sound you hear are your paddles and the calls of the huge variety of birds we have here. The local fisherman family who live in this remote area are always happy to cook up fresh fish for a tasty lunch too, a much needed refueling after kayaking!

The most enchanting kayak spot must be the northern tip of Laguna Bacalar. Here we navigate the tributaries surround by waterlilies and the beautiful mangrove forest. This place is still widely unknown the solitude is incredible. Returning to shore we visit a local pineapple plantation where the family have built a tasting hut and restaurant to share their culture of producing the pineapples. What a fantastic combination! Chú Huk Piña meaning 'Little Sweet Pneapple' is both Maya and Spanish; two distinct cultures which have merged to create a new and exciting blend.

Certified PADI Instructors; we can provide you with any level of diving. Our Lionfish Safari is one of our most popular tours. Come on a two tank dive with us and help protect the reef, by catching your lunch! Lionfish are an invasive species that were first seen here in 2009 and since then have become a big problem. They are really tasty served up in our famous ceviche so you can eat to your hearts content, guilt free!

We give you instruction on how to operate the spear (a hawaiian sling) and on how to safely kill and handle the fish. Then it's up to you to find and catch as many as you can, with us there beside you to help. This tour is available only to experienced certified divers.

Created by Mahahual Ecotours